Being in the care of another person does not negate the care recipient’s rights. If you are an elder who is being cared for by a family or professional caregiver, or you have a loved one in care, it is important to know the rights of the elder in order to prevent abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

An elderly individual has the right to:

  • Be treated and cared for with dignity and respect
  • Be free from coercion, abuse, neglect, etc.
  • Make decisions and choices regarding his or her personal or financial affairs or care
  • Designate a guardian or financial representative
  • Review all requested financial records
  • Complain about treatment or care
  • Privacy while attending to personal needs
  • Be fully informed of personal medical conditions and treatment
  • Participate in planning of his or her treatment and care

Never let fear or shame keep you from reporting elder abuse. If you have any questions regarding elder rights or how to report elder abuse, feel free to contact Live Free Home Health Care for more information.