Studies show that a typical visit to a doctor averages only 15 to 20 minutes. Additionally, a doctor’s appointment can often seem overwhelming, making it difficult to remember all the questions that need answering during a short appointment. In fact, nearly half of the U.S. population has difficulty understanding health information, and as a result, could miss follow-up appointments, take medicine incorrectly or misunderstand doctors’ directions.

A little pre-planning and preparation is the key to getting the most out of the minutes with one’s doctor and ensuring health concerns get the proper attention they deserve. Preparing lists of questions and information beforehand can lessen the stress and worries often associated with a doctor’s appointment and ensure that all the information needed is received while at the appointment. It can also help the doctor to develop the best possible understanding of any symptoms and conditions.

Don’t be embarrassed to pull out your information and questions lists in front of the doctor. Not only can they be essential in helping you remember what questions need answering, but the doctor will also appreciate that you are serious about your health. Good doctors will always encourage their patients’ desire to understand as much as possible about their condition and will welcome your active participation in your care. If the physician does not, then perhaps a new one should be sought.

Never hesitate to use the words, “I don’t understand.” Doctors are only human and may not always know when they haven’t explained something well or in terms can be understood. When in doubt, repeat back what the doctor has said for clarification. The doctor can also be asked if he or she recommends any specific reading materials about the condition.

Keep in mind that a home care agency, such as Live Free Home Health Care, offering dedicated home care Bristol area seniors need, can also be an important advocate for your health and wellbeing. Among numerous skills and services, a home care agency can assist with scheduling and transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment, and in making certain that medications are taken as prescribed.

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