When it comes to cancer, everyone is a victim – even those not suffering from cancer firsthand are affected. The American Cancer Society reports that people spend far less time in the hospital today than in the past. This means that more sick people are being cared for at home. If you find yourself supporting someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, sometimes simply being there and allowing the person to express his or her emotions is the best form of support. Here are a few other tips for the cancer family caregiver:

Avoid the “everything will be all right” attitude but be sure to emphasize any good news.

Prepare to change roles. You may have to step in to fulfill some of the duties your loved one used to always do.

Be an advocate for your loved one. Research, scout out cancer specialists and learn everything there is to know about the cancer and its treatments, bringing questions to the attention of the oncologist at the appointments.

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Home care and home health care services may be a good resource to provide some caregiving relief. Live Free Home Health Care can work with you and your loved one to develop strategies for coping with whatever emotional or practical challenges that arise.

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