Recently, we discussed the signs and symptoms of geriatric failure to thrive. These symptoms, including impaired physical function, malnutrition, depression, and cognitive impairment are important signs to look out for in your loved one. If you do notice several signs of failure to thrive and realize the time and skills needed to properly assist are more than you can manage, a home care agency, like Live Free Home Health Care, experts in senior care services in Bristol and nearby areas, can help.

Home care agencies such as Live Free Home Health Care can help older adults protect their health in the following ways:

  • Encourage attendance and serve as a personal escort to social outings
  • Play interactive games with clients such as board games, cards and Nintendo Wii
  • Plan and schedule visits with friends and neighbors
  • Provide transportation to an adult day facility or a low impact exercise class
  • Provide companionship during family celebrations or vacations for maximum comfort and safety
  • Introduce clients to social media such as Facebook and Skype so they can connect with family and friends even if they are homebound
  • Assistance with meals and diet, including:
    • Grocery shopping, planning and preparing nutritious, diet-specific meals
    • Education for the older adult about proper diet and nutrition to maintain maximum health
    • A companion to enjoy meals with rather than eating alone

Caring for a frail older adult is about more than medication reminders and food preparation. It is about helping that person live his or her best life possible. Contact Live Free Home Health Care, a provider of home care services in Bristol, NH and the surrounding areas, today to learn how we can help provide comfort, foster independence, and improve an older person’s quality of life to increase the possibility that in-home care can be a long-term, sustainable option.