Hi Jennifer and Jason,

When I started thinking about how to bring my mother home, a lot of the information I received cautioned me to be careful. The private pay Agencies leave you hanging when the staff becomes ill, also Staff is late, poor weather conditions they just don’t show and for these situations they have no back-ups. Another big concern was having strangers in my home for twelve hours per day. I work 40 hours per week and my job cannot be done from home so how could I make this happen and not loose all my quality of life with my family. Mom was very unhappy about being in a nursing home so I needed to make this happen.

Your Agency was the only one that offered to go to the nursing home, to meet my mother, assess what her needs would be, then meet with me to explain the process. I must tell you once I met with you Jen I felt I could trust you and that your staff would meet my expectations. You are a very caring, organized and business minded person.

My first impression was correct; you were there when we needed you. When we had some issues you addressed them, and I always felt I could call you at any time and you would be there to help. That is a wonderful feeling to have when you are taking care of a loved one, and will be leaving them with strangers for most of the day. You were very patient and so was all of your staff. We had a personality issue and it was handled immediately, and not once did I have to loose work due to staffing.

As you can tell I cannot say enough about your care and the way you manage your Agency. I have recommended it to many; and have spoken to quite a few people who wondered how I could have worked and taken care of Mom and I gave you most of the credit. I know your agency will succeed just because of how you manage it and put people’s needs first and also how you address the needs of the family caregivers.

I want to thank you again for all you and your husband provided and your promptness in the management of a concern. Without your Agency this would not have been as good of an experience as it turned out to be and I am very thankful to have found you. Mom was able to come home and have a very peaceful death and for this I am so grateful. Thanks again you guys are great!!!!!!


Colombe and Jerome Lagace