With the rising tide of the Boomer generation, increasingly more full-time employed adult children are finding themselves in the position of full-time family caregiver for their aging parents. Due to increased absenteeism, more unpaid leaves, and decreased productivity, companies are facing a growing need to address eldercare needs where they used to address childcare needs.

The greatest needs for working family caregivers are:

  • Flexibility in work schedules
  • Information about services and aging in general
  • Support from coworkers and supervisors
  • Help in making decisions about care options and related issues

There are a variety of offerings that a company eldercare program can use to address these needs, such as:

  • Work time flexibility
  • Financial assistance
  • Phone- or Internet-based resources and referrals
  • Face-to-face consulting
  • Educational activities like on-site seminars and health fair kiosks

For those employees who serve as caregivers, peace of mind while they are working is key. Live Free Home Health Care works with families to provide respite care solutions they can depend on. In addition to traditional care management services, we offer corporate in-home care back-up and educational programs for employees facing eldercare issues. Besides Concord, New Hampshire, Live Free Home Health Care also services the rest of the Lakes region and central New Hampshire.

Enhance your value as an employer and increase their value as employees. Contact Live Free Home Health Care for further information.