diabetes eye care

While you may have heard frightening statistics linking diabetes with blindness, the truth is, the majority of diabetics are at risk for only minor eye conditions. It’s important, however, for those with diabetes to be vigilant in keeping up with eye exams and address any issues that arise promptly.

Our experts have compiled a list of common eye problems among diabetics. Keep an eye out for these top conditions that may affect those with diabetes:

  • Glaucoma: Since diabetics are at a 40% higher risk of contracting glaucoma, it’s imperative to be screened regularly. The risk also increases with age and with the length of time a person has had diabetes. There are medications available to reduce pressure in the eye, and surgical options as well.
  • Cataracts: As with glaucoma, the risk of cataracts is more common in those with diabetes as well – 60% higher. Diabetics also typically are diagnosed with cataracts at a younger age than those without diabetes, and the progression is generally faster, too. Mild cataracts can be managed through wearing sunglasses and glare-control lenses, while more developed cataracts may need to be removed.
  • Retinopathy: This broad term covers all disorders of the retina caused by diabetes, including nonproliferative retinopathy (the most common form, in which pouches form in the back of the eye) and proliferative retinopathy (where blood vessels close off due to damage, resulting in new, weakened vessels leaking blood). A number of treatments are available for both conditions, and as with other eye conditions, the sooner they’re treated, the better the prognosis.

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