Senior Care Vision Issues

With all of the many changes experienced in aging, seniors may be reluctant to bring to light one in particular – vision changes – for a variety of reasons. The fear of losing vision and the accompanying loss of independence can result in seniors trying to hide the changes they’re noticing from their loved ones.

For this reason, it’s helpful to know how to recognize changes in behavior and appearance that may indicate the senior in your life could benefit from a visit to the doctor or eye care professional. If you notice certain behaviors or coping techniques, you may be able to introduce the issue in a way that your loved one can accept the help he or she needs. Watch for these signs that may indicate impaired or decreasing vision:

Everyday activities:

  • Squinting or tilting the head to the side to see
  • Holding reading material close to the face or at an angle
  • Not noticing stains on clothing
  • Writing less clearly and having trouble writing on a line

Eating and drinking:

  • Spilling food off the edges of the plate while eating
  • Pouring liquids over the top of a cup or drinking glass
  • Knocking over glasses or other items on the table while reaching across the table for something

Listen for these complaints that might indicate vision problems:

  • Halos or rings around lights
  • Headaches that blur vision
  • Reduced night vision
  • Seeing spots or flashes of light in front of eyes

If you notice these signs in your senior loved one, gently encourage him or her to schedule an appointment for a complete eye exam as soon as possible. And for home care assistance, including help with transportation, light housekeeping, planning/preparing meals, and more, contact Live Free Home Health Care at 603-217-0149. We provide professional in-home senior care services throughout the Lakes Region of New Hampshire as well as Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Gilford and Sandwich, and welcome the opportunity to help your senior loved one maximize quality of life, independence and wellbeing.