Studies have shown clearly that the mental impairment of someone with extreme sleep deprivation is equal to the mental impairment of someone who is legally drunk. As a family caregiver, it is so important (and sometimes that much harder) to get a healthy amount of sleep each night. Without it, your body doesn’t have a way to recharge and revitalize. Organs and systems are forced to work when they should be resting. This gives the body no time to heal itself in preparation for its next work period. Constant stress on the mind and body affects our overall health and wellbeing, resulting in pretty devastating consequences, some of which include:

· Poor concentration

· Inability to perform tasks or process information easily and quickly

· Decreased perceptual skills

· Increased risk of coronary heart disease and other major illnesses

· Decreased muscle strength

· Disruption of insulin production and sugar metabolism, increasing risk of diabetes

· Weakened immune system

To read more, click here. Bringing some outside help into the home can be done whenever there is a need. Try using a caregiver from a professional agency at night so you can get a good night’s sleep and awake refreshed and ready to tackle another day.