Hearing loss is a common part of aging, and will likely affect your elderly friends and family members at some point. Communicating with someone who is experiencing hearing loss can be delicate, as you never want to offend the person. Here are a few tips to help you communicate better with seniors who are experiencing hearing loss:

  • Make sure you have the attention of the person before speaking, and always face him or her.
  • Speak up, clearly and naturally.
  • Do not shout, overemphasize your words or talk in slow motion.
  • Turn off televisions or radios to cut down on background noise.
  • If you are giving important information, like directions or instructions, write it down.
  • Choose quiet, well-lit restaurants when going out for dinner.

If someone with decreased hearing does not understand you when you are speaking, follow these helpful tips:

  • Slow down and repeat yourself.
  • Speak slightly louder, but resist the urge to shout.
  • Rephrase what you just said using common words.
  • Present your sentences in short units that are easier to understand.
  • Request feedback; for example, “Tell me what you understood.”

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