Alzheimer’s Disease

With the expected rise in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we now have over $900 million in funding available for research, but is all of that research actually helping us come closer to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease? As those with loved ones impacted by the disease watch and wait with bated breath, a variety of trials – some with greater success than others – seem to be pointing to a similar conclusion: rather than one silver bullet to cure Alzheimer’s, a combination of medications and lifestyle changes will likely be needed to win the battle.

A particular current study that has results expected sometime this year, is showing promising results in lowering beta-amyloid levels in the brain – the protein thought to play a role in destroying the neuron. A vaccine study is also underway, along with a trial to track brain changes as a preventative measure for those who are not yet exhibiting symptoms, but are at heightened risk due to certain gene mutations.

According to Ronald Petersen, the director of the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, “It’s a breathholding time for the field; I think the field is in so much of a need of some kind of positive indication that we are on the right track. I think we can have a little more optimism about drug trials that are coming down the road.”

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