Caring for a frail or disabled loved one requires a mountain of patience, energy and commitment. Too often caregivers get run down and even sick because they have not taken time for themselves. Taking a break is not an act of selfishness. It is actually an act of great giving.

Caregivers should:

  • Spend time—even ten minutes a day—“checking-in.” This should be protected time to read, listen to music, exercise, etc.
  • Laugh at the funny things in life.
  • Take time to be “in” their marriage.
  • Listen to their body. If the body is saying slow down, or that something is not right, medical advice should be sought. Too often we do not listen to our bodies no matter how loudly they may be talking to us.

Live Free Home Health Care works with families in Concord and Central New Hampshire and the Lakes region to provide respite care solutions for any particular situation. If you know a primary caregiver who needs a break, contact Live Free Home Health Care today.

Live Free Home Health Care can step in and provide reliable respite care so that a primary caregiver can take essential time to care for herself. Whether for a few hours a day or as an ongoing relief, whenever respite is needed, Live Free Home Health Care can be there. 

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